Pascal Dorothée is a French photographer. Since his young age, he captures things visually and has developed his passion for photography.

At the age of 13 he was trained in the image by participating in audiovisual workshops. He learned silver photography and discovered the development and art of photographic print in the subdued light of the laboratory.

Later he had the opportunity to travel the globe and take part in photographic journeys, particularly across Europe, from where he returned with his first photographic stories. That's how he starts to make sense of his pictures.

Then he forged himself through experiences and encounters. He works alongside other artists to express his sensitivity, to immortalize moments and to transcribe his emotions. All these experiences accompany his gaze and are sometimes trials that turn out to be magnificent ways of life enabling him to sharpen his eye, increase his sensitivity, understand his feelings and reinvent his photographic practice (digital revolution).

His graphic register is composed of urban landscapes, portraits and staging in which he allows his creativity to express himself and plays with the tablecloths of light and shade. Today Pascal participates in several projects, competitions, biennales and other photographic events. His work is exhibited at individual and collective exhibitions.


In progress...